Find aerodynamic optimization potential by reducing your wind resistance – the easy way to save racing time.

What is the aeroTEST for?

The test gives you the opportunity to find out about the aerodynamic impact of your equipment and your seating position, far from a visit to the wind tunnel or cycling track. It is an easily performed field test that you can carry out yourself.

How is the aeroTEST performed?

You decide which materials and seating positions you want to test, find a suitable track and carry out the test. If you want to compare materials or seating positions, several aeroTESTs will form one test suite.

Which data do I get?

You get an analysis of your cda (wind resistance) and your crr (rolling resistance) value. In addition, you get a prediction of a finisher time for an example competition – it shows you which set-up makes you faster.

the aerotest test strip

1 Accelerating to your planned power performance (watts).

2 Start point: Start your stopwatch.

3 Outbound trip: Ride with constant power and seating position for 1 kilometer in one direction.

4 End of outbound trip: Remember the position, it will be the start point for your inbound trip.

5 Turn around.

6 Accelerate to the same power performance as before.

7 Inbound trip: Ride with constant power and seating

8 End of inbound trip: Stop the time.

9 Roll out: You’re done or ready for the next test.

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aeroTEST Guide

Here you find a guide to carry out an aeroTEST successfully.

Testing Protocol

Feel free to use this chart to log your test suite.

Test Recommendations

Find some ideas as to what you could test in order to become more aerodynamic.

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