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– Would you like to cycle faster without having to spend more time in training?

– Have you ever wondered which seating position or equipment would make you faster?

– Do you want to find out how aerodynamics, watt or weight affect your next bike split?


With aeroDATA you can experience all that and much more.

Use the aeroDATA to collect and analyze all information about your aerodynamics> it combines your scientific measurement method (aeroTEST), your bike split forecast tool (aeroCAST) and much more.

Far away from the wind tunnel or velodrome, and much cheaper, you can independently find out how to optimize your speed > become more streamlined and thus faster.

By comparing the CdA values and temporal results of different equipment, different positions (seating, head, etc.) or other bike settings, you can identify aerodynamic optimization potential > discover your speed.

the aerotest test strip

1 Accelerating to your planned power performance (watts).

2 Start point: Start your stopwatch.

3 Outbound trip: Ride with constant power and seating position for 1 kilometer in one direction.

4 End of outbound trip: Remember the position, it will be the start point for your inbound trip.

5 Turn around.

6 Accelerate to the same power performance as before.

7 Inbound trip: Ride with constant power and seating

8 End of inbound trip: Stop the time.

9 Roll out: You’re done or ready for the next test.

aeroTEST Guide – with aeroAPP

Use this guide on how to successfully conduct aeroTESTs using the aeroAPP. It explains the entire procedure - what to do before, during and after the tests.

aeroTEST Guide – without aeroAPP

Use this guide to carry out aeroTESTs in a structured and manual way - without using the aeroAPP. This guide will lead you through the whole process.

Test Recommendations

You need ideas of what to test to improve your aerodynamics? Here are some recommendations.

Testing Protocol

Feel free to use this protocol to log the data of your test series. It will help you later on to fill in all information in your aeroDATA account.