Indoor Testing Method

  • High end aerodynamic measurement method for the velodrome
  • Fully automated by use of the Garmin aeroAPP
  • Real-time feedback after each round for the coach (web browser) and the athlete (aeroAPP)
  • Dynamic number of laps depending on the measurement error
  • Calculation and display of the statistic measurement error
  • Closed measuring method
  • and much more

Use Aerotune’s Velodrome measurement method to work with your athletes on their aerodynamics. Get valid data and make your athletes even faster with a variety of optimization options.

    There are many ways to improve your athletes aerodynamically – one of the simplest optimizations can be achieved by appropriate equipment. The video shows you some ideas and suggestions. Overall, you can save a lot of time with the right helmet, a corresponding one piece suit, aerodynamic wheels and head, body and hand positions. Use the test method to structurally measure the aerodyanmic value of your athletes and guide them towards better aerodynamic and thus more speed.

Test Process

Your athlete starts at any point on the racecourse and rides with constant power watts and in constant seating position. The system automatically recognizes the lap length (velodrome size) and records the measured data. These data are sent via a mobile phone (Bluetooth connection) on to our server for analysis. The results are displayed to the athlete on his Garmin device and for you as a coach in the web browser. You can track your athletes each lap. You will also receive feedback if the position has been kept stable over several tests, so only as many laps need to be driven as really necessary. If any problems with the powermeter or the speed sensor show up, you will be able to recognize this quickly in the platform. Outliers, due to erroneous measurement data, are automatically recognized, marked and not taken into account for the overall evaluation. You can easily assess the importance of each tested change by the changes calcuted as predicted bike split times for a pre-determined race course. In the web browser, you can comfortably document test data and upload images of tested positions, etc. The Aerotune Velodrome Test is fully automated for efficient and highly accurate aerodynamic testing.

Garmin aeroAPP

Our Garmin aeroAPP automatically guides your athletes through the test process, sends the data to the aeroDATA platform after each lap, and instantly displays the results. In real-time, you are informed about the measurement results and can test with your athletes in a structured and guided manner.

Would you like to get support by our team while being at the velodrome and get advice regarding the test procedure? Just write us a message and we will figure out how to get together.