The Aerotune GmbH – founded at the end of 2016, but the vision has developed much earlier…

We, Sebastian and Niels, have known each other for many years, are often doing sports together and are close friends. We share a competitive ambition for sports; are constantly seeking ever-new challenges and fighting our own best times. In order to push our performance to a new optimum we are always looking for ways to optimize our body and our material. During the last few years, we have talked a lot about aerodynamics and tested the various methods developed by Sebastian. Up to now, we were linked by means of our sport. Towards the end of 2016 we made the decision that its time to start a business together and founded Aerotune.

We want to make cycling aerodynamics transparent and measurable in real time. Aerodynamic measurements and analyzes shall be made accessible to every cyclist – without having to make an appointment on a cycle track or in a wind tunnel. Many of our friends have already become faster by our products, are aerodynamically better positioned on their bikes or have sometimes even noticed that expensively purchased material has made them slower. With Aerotune, we want to make all these advantages accessible to the large group of cyclists and triathletes.

Looking at our customers, we would like them to get to know a faster version of themselves – hence our slogan: a faster you.

I, Sebastian Schluricke, have been sporty since my early childhood. For a long time, I’ve competed in the badminton league of a North Frisian sports club and drove successfully kart-slalom. In 2003, I discovered my passion for triathlon. I started as a cyclist in a relay team, at the Herrenkoog triathlon. From that time on, I was gripped by the triathlon fever. Due to my relocation to Flensburg, joining TriAs and a goal-oriented training, I have improved a lot within a short time. At the beginning, I raced Sprint and Olympic Distances, later on I changed to racing Long Distance. I’ve met Niels through our triathlon club. We got along very well from the start on and have become good sports buddies and friends.

In Flensburg, I have been studying electrical engineering with a focus on regenerative energy technology. Up here in North Germany, there is always a stiff breeze blowing. As a native North Frisian I just had to work in the field of wind energy.

In 2009, the idea grew to use my engineering skills for my sport. I developed an algorithm with which I was able to make cycling predictions in regard to specific racecourses. During the following years, I wrote a Java software program based on this algorithm and published it on the Internet ( I used this program to help Niels with his racing strategy for the Ostseeman Triathlon 2013. Next followed the development of an algorithm for the determination of the effective end face and for rolling resistance in a standardized field test. This is still the same algorithm and process we use for our aeroTEST, nowadays. Finally, I founded the Aerotune GmbH together with Niels in 2016.

Niels S

I, Niels Schuldt, have been doing sports since my childhood, too. It all began with swimming. As a teenager I became interested in triathlon and started for the Danish national squad. At the age of 17, due to a special permit, I was allowed to race my first Long Distance. Up to the present, I am an ambitious athlete in triathlon. I want to deliver top performance in each of my competitions. That’s what I’m training for each day – at least as far as my time permits.

Professionally, I’ve completed a bachelor’s degree in sports and a master’s degree in IT. I worked many years for various large companies (Ecco Sko, Telmore, Tradeshift) in the fields of digital business development and –organization, as well as IT- and Marketing strategy. It was an exciting and instructive time. I’m currently CEO of Innobu GmbH and OXY4 GmbH. With Innobu, I am one of the founders of Aerotune.

I have known Sebastian for many years and know about his professional competence. I’m looking forward to working together with him and to form the Aerotune into a successful company.