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22 February @ 19:00 - 19:30

Webinar: aeroDATA Basics

The aeroDATA – your aerodynamic platform for faster bike splits

Would you like to know how to take advantage of all the benefits of aeroDATA?
Would you like to know how to use the platform?
Would you like to get to know all of its features?

And most important:

Do you want to get faster on your bike?

Then join our webinar on Thursday, February 22nd at 7:00 pm.

Sebastian will introduce you to the functionality of aeroDATA and answer all your questions.

Join via Website: https://aerotune.clickmeeting.com/aerodata_basics
on any browser with Flash

Join via Phone: +49 (157) 3598-9002, Conference PIN: 581248#

Join via Mobile Application: Room ID: 777-133-145

The webinar will take about 30 minutes.

We look forward to welcoming you to the world of aeroDATA.

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24 February @ 11:00 - 12:00
Stadthalle Langen, Südliche Ringstraße 77
Langen, 63255 Germany
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Workshop @TCE: Cycle faster through better aerodynamics

Would you like to reach a new personal best on the bike split this season?
Do you want to experience a new sense of speed?
Do you want to know that you’ve gotten the most out of every part of triathlon?

Easily said: the more streamlined you are, the faster you are.

But how to become more streamlined, more aerodynamic? That’s what Sebastian Schluricke from Aerotune is going to tell you at this year’s Triathlon Convention Europe.

• Which factors influence your speed and which your aerodynamic.
• What methods can you use to measure your wind resistance coefficient (CdA)?
• How you can use your knowledge of this value to improve your speed?

Your way to faster bike splits in 2018 starts today – stop by and save time.

Every registered participant will receive a EUR 10,00 voucher for our services.

The main entrance to the Triathlon Convention Europe is free, but you’ll have to register for the workshops and buy a ticket.

Der Eintritt zur Triathlon Convention Europe ist kostenlos, du musst dich aber für die Workshops registrieren und Teilnahmetickets erwerben.

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24 February @ 13:00 - 17:00
hinter der Erich-Kästner-Schule auf dem Leukertsweg, Leukertsweg
Langen, 63255 Germany
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Aerodynamic Measurements @TCE – powered by Aerotune

Before the start of your competitive season, take the chance and become faster by using a helmet optimized for you and a corresponding head position.

The aerodynamic measurements will take place as one of the activities at this year’s Triathlon Convention Europe. It’s requested to book in advance as the number of participants is limited and we want to have enough time to spend with each of you. Just write an e-mail to us info@aerotune.com or to info@triathlonexpo.eu

Group 1: 1pm – 3pm
Group 2: 3pm – 5pm

Why aerodynamics?
That’s simple: the less resistance you put up against the wind, the faster you’re on the road.

How does the test work?
You drive a defined distance of 1 km up and down with constant wattage and without changing your seating position. We use our algorithm to determine your CdA value (wind resistance coefficient). If you would like to find out which helmet is best for you, you carry out the test several times with the selection of your helmets. The helmet that gives you the lowest CdA value is the aerodynamically optimum for you.

What can I test?
You can test helmets, head positions, and minor changes to your stem position.

We’ll bring along the following helmets for you:
• POC Cerebel Raceday
• Bell Javelin
• MET Drone
• Giro Aerohead

How much will participating cost?
Nothing – today we offer you our service for free.

What do I have to bring along?
1. Your bike
2. Warm clothing that don’t “flap” in the wind, as this will affect the measurements negatively.
3. A power meter – if you do not have one, then please contact us in time, if necessary we can provide you with a Garmin Vector 2
4. Your competition helmet, which you normally use and possibly special helmets that you want to test

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly: info@aerotune.com or 0461-57498616

We look forward to helping you starting into the upcoming season with the best aerodynamic conditions.

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