What can I test in the cockpit area of my bike?

Pending on the type, meaning road bike, cyclocross, time trial or road bike with aerobars, there are various areas which you can test for better aerodynamics:

1. Angle of the aerobars
Pending on the variability of your cockpit there are no limitations what you can try out. Our experience have shown to experiment with angles of 0, +2, +4 and +10 degrees. Extreme angles such as over 30 degrees can theoretically have a very positiv effect on your aerodynamics, however are often closely connected with adaptations to your geometry or biomechanics.

2. Width of the aerobars
Also pending on your cockpit you are able to experiment with the width between the two aerobars. Our experiences here show that the closer the distance between the aerobars and armpads is the higher is the positive effect on aerodynamics. Of course, this is always a very individual setup and is depended on the flexibility and core strength of the athlete.

3. Width between the armpads
As mentioned above this is something which depends on the variability of your cockpit. Some manufacturers there are pre-installed positions for the armpads.

4. Length of the aerobars
In respect of your and your bike’s geometry you can do small adjustments in the length of the aerobars.

5. Positions of your hands
This is one of the most cost efficient areas to save a couple of seconds. You can put your hands around your aerobars, bring the close together, put your hands together or even out your hands above each other. This possibilities are dependent on the setup you choose under points 2. and 3.

6. Changes to your stem height or use of spacers
You play with the height and angle of your stem or use spacers to be biomechanically on the same positions but lower your basebar lower, which can have a positive effect on the airflow.