What can I test with my position?

You can test small optimizations in your seating position. However, this might have an effect on your biomechanic or power output and we recommend to do this in coordination with your bikefitter.

1. Saddle height
You can test which effect small changes in saddle height have on your aerodynamics and your power output.

2. Saddle length
Of course, you can tests the effects from saddle height also to saddle length.

3. Straight back or round back
Currently the trend of bike fitters is to position cyclist with a straight or flat back compared to a more compressed and round position. Our experiences show, that this is not just better for your biomechanic, but also has a positive effect on your aerodynamics.

4. Head position
Your head position has one of the greatest influences on your windresistance. Our experience shows, that a more aktive timetrial position, meaning a very low head position and pulling your shoulder blades up is more aerodynamic than just holding a passive position on the bike, with where you are just sitting on your bike and holding your head steady.