What equipment can I test?

In regards to equipment there are actually no limitations on what to tests. You will quickly notice, that not always the most expensive investments will also deliver the greatest output. We like to call this „Bang for a Buck“, which is a lot higher with bottle cages, bottle positions and helmets than with wheelsets and frames.

1. Bottle cages, bottle types and bottle types
You can experiment with different kind of bottle cages and mount systems and see how different bottle types influence your aerodynamic. Substituting standard bottles with aerodynamic bottles in your frame and/or mounting bottles behind your saddle have an instant effect on your wind resistance. If using a timetrial bike you can experiment with different bottles, hydrationsystems in the vicinity of your cockpit.

2. Helmets
You can choose between roadbike helmets, aerodynamic roadbike helmets or aerodynamic helmets (such as short and long timetrial helmets). Not every helmet is the optimal helmet for every rider, since this is very close connected with your individual head position. You can also test the influence of using or not using the visor and using sunglasses has.

3. Suits and clothing
In this area you can experiment with the influence different styles and material of clothing have. Different material, different fits, suits with no sleeves, short sleeves or long sleeves are all things to tests thanks to broad spectrum manufacturers bring to the market.

4. Extreme weather conditions
You can also test options for bad weather conditions such as long bibs or legwarmers, a long jersey or arm warmers, wind jacket or rain jacket or wearing a long sleeved compression top can influence your bike split differently. Rule of thumb: the tighter the faster.

5. Shoes / overshoes
Different types of shoes, overshoes, or socks in various length can influence your wind resistance.

6. Wheels
Now you are entering an area of investing more money. You can test different manufacturers, different types, different section depths and using a disc wheel. Normally the higher the profile of the wheel the better it is aerodynamically. In most cases you should go for better aerodynamics compared to savings in weight. Therefore the use of a disc wheel is beneficial in most cases.

7. Frames
To test different frames is often very difficult. We recommend only to think about investing in a new frame, if this will give you the opportunity to sit better on the bike. However, if you decided to invest into a new frame, you should aeroTEST it to you individually before purchasing.

8. Storage boxes etc.
Some bike manufacturers already have integrated storage boxes for material and nutrition. These can have an influence on your aerodynamic. Additionally using bags, etc to store material or nutrition can be tested. One thing we can promise: Strapping your gels and bars to your frame will definitely make you slower.