How do I use the aeroAPP?

First, you need to install the aeroAPP on your Garmin and register with your aeroDATA account. Before you start the test, you need to take note of your system weight.

Either you use an already existing test track, or you create a new route.

For existing route:
The aeroAPP makes you aware when you’re getting closer to the starting point of the track. You do not need to do anything else, the app shows you when you should accelerate to your targeted power watts, it starts the recording, shows you when to turn around and stops at the end of the test.

If there is a Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone, your data will automatically be loaded into the aeroDATA and you will receive your CdA value within a very short time. If there is no Bluetooth connection, the data will be saved to your Garmin and uploaded later on.