Are the test results valid?

New ideas and methods are always under the suspicion of not being “valid”. If the field test is carried out and evaluated professionally, valid statements can be made and results are well reproducible. If a distance of one kilometer is driven back and forth in a standardized test procedure, with same power performance and seating position, a mathematical result can be obtained that is accurate to + -5 watts at 40 km / h. This corresponds approximately to a tolerance of + – 2 min at a 5:15 h (180 km) cycling tour with 200 W and a CdA value of 0.25 m². A physical model of cycling is used to numerically simulate the journey and then optimize it using the least squares method. This method is applied as a standard in science, since the statistical error of the measurement can also be determined. Thus, it can be exactly judged whether the test has been valid or not. In order to further prove this, we will soon realize scientific case studies and publishing their results.