What is the difference to a test in the wind tunnel or on a cycling track?

Compared to a test on the cycling track or in the wind tunnel, you spend less time and money and are much more flexible in when to do the test. In the wind tunnel or on the cycling track a onetime survey takes place.

If you make changes to your set-up within the training season, you do not know their aerodynamic effects, e.g. use of a new helmet, a new competition suit, positioning of the water bottles.

With the aeroTEST you can continuously check your aerodynamics throughout the entire season. In addition, you are independent of a particular place or the support of an external person. This also has a corresponding effect on the price.

With a price of EUR 20, – the aeroTEST or the corresponding subscription to the aeroDATA, the price is clearly below the costs regarding a visit to the wind tunnel or cycle track.