What is to be considered BEFORE the aeroTEST?

Think about what you want to test. Check if you have all the necessary equipment for the aeroTEST. If you want to make several tests, a parking spot nearby is convenient to park your car with the equipment to be tested. There you have enough room to change clothes or make changes to your equipment without disturbing or getting endangered by the road traffic. Always make single changes to your equipment. Otherwise you cannot evaluate their aerodynamic effects clearly. If you change materials such as wheels, water bottles, helmets, etc., always note the changed system weight.

It is helpful to set a marker at the start and end point of your test track. Thereby you can see where the test kilometer starts and where it ends.

Ideally, you meet up with friends. This has the advantage that you have an observer who can correct you, for example if you change your seating position or stop pedalling before the end point marker. Sometimes, we do not notice such mistakes as the cyclist self. Also, you can exchange equipment and materials among each other and test it accordingly.

Make use of our aeroTEST protocol or take notes, so you can match your exact equipment and system weight to each aeroTEST.