Outdoor aerodynamic testing system (aeroTEST)

  • Test your aerodynamic (CdA- and Crr-Value) by yourself
  • All you need is a power meter, gps-tracker and optionally a speed sensor
  • Do it fully automated with our Garmin app (aeroAPP)

It’s time to become even faster on your bike. Use our high-end aerodynamic outdoor test with all GPS-trackers and power meters to measure and optimize your CdA- and Crr-Values. Use our apps (aeroAPP) for full automated testing and guiding. Visualize, analysize and share all the data with our online platform (aeroDATA) to become more aerodynamic. It tracks and sums up all your test data, offers you a wide range of evaluation and display options, a competition time forecast tool, social features and much more.

So why testing?

No training, no nutrition, nothing makes you so much faster in one day than optimizing your aerodynamics. Our outdoor aerodynamic testing system allows you to specifically test and improve yourself.

In the adjacent figure, it can be clearly seen that aerodynamics has a significantly higher influence than power and weight. It should be remembered that this advantage can be gotten in just one day. The power and weight usually require assembly.

In the following diagram you can see the effect of selected aerodynamic optimizing


  • Self doing aerodynamic testing of CdA-Value and Crr-Value
  • Fully automated with the aeroAPP
  • Wind gust detection
  • Wind calculation
  • Outlier detection
  • Calculation of measurement error
  • Automatic detection of inbound and outbound ride and multiply setups
  • Blind testing system (No chance to change the CdA)
  • Using of modern machine learning algorithms
  • … and much more

The aeroTEST guide

All you need is a power meter, a GPS tracker and a flat track, and you can test your aerodyamics, your CdA- and Crr  value. If you need high precision, you can use a speed sensor and reduce the error by two. Look at the video, to see what conditions you need for the testing. We also have a help page and support, if you need any guidance for testing.

the aerotest test strip

1 Accelerating to your planned power performance (watts).

2 Start point: Start your stopwatch.

3 Outbound trip: Ride with constant power and seating position for 1 kilometer in one direction.

4 End of outbound trip: Remember the position, it will be the start point for your inbound trip.

5 Turn around.

6 Accelerate to the same power performance as before.

7 Inbound trip: Ride with constant power and seating

8 End of inbound trip: Stop the time.

9 Roll out: You’re done or ready for the next test.


Garmin Connect IQ App (aeroAPP)

You can test completely automated with our Garmin ConnectIQ App (aeroAPP). This will guide you through the test and show you all relevant data. The aeroAPP lets you automatically test so that all tests are valid and a corresponding measurement error can be specified. Also, do you get an overview of time benefits and performance savings. It’s time to get faster!

Social Platform (aeroDATA)

Use the aeroDATA to collect and analyze all information about your aerodynamics> it combines your scientific measurement method (aeroTEST), your bike split forecast tool (aeroCAST) and much more.

Far away from the wind tunnel or velodrome, and much cheaper, you can independently find out how to optimize your speed > become more streamlined and thus faster.

By comparing the CdA values and temporal results of different equipment, different positions (seating, head, etc.) or other bike settings, you can identify aerodynamic optimization potential > discover your speed.

Velodrome aerodynamic testing system (aeroDROME)

  • High-End velodrome aerodynamic testing system (CdA-Value, Crr-Value)
  • Fully automated with the aeroAPP
  • live feedback for each lap for fitter (browser) and athlete (aeroAPP)

The most accurate fully automated measuring system on the market. In combination with the aeroAPP, the data is sent to the server round-by-round and evaluated with state-of-the-art AI. These include the detection of outliers, direct evaluation, calculation of the measurement error, dynamic lap number and much more. The athlete gets a live feedback on the Garmin device and the fitter can follow the results live in the browser.


  • Velodrome aerodynamic testing system (CdA-Value, Crr-Value)
  • Fully automated with the aeroAPP
  • live feedback for each lap for fitter (browser) and athlete (Garmin aeroAPP)
  • Outlier detection
  • Calculation of measurement error
  • Dynamic lap count in dependency of the measurement error
  • Blind testing system (No chance to change the CdA)
  • Using of modern machine learning algorithms
  • … and much more

Aerotesting days with coaches, bike shops and athletes (aeroDAYS)

  • The Aerotune Team comes to you for coaching and performing aerodynamic testing
  • Start up your own business with aerodynamic testing
  • Teach your athletes and make them faster

Aerotestings days offer the opportunity to get the Aerotune team to you. Together we will train you on the unique Aerodyanmik test system and / or conduct test days with your athletes / club. Depending on your knowledge, we will tailor our system to your needs and give your community / athletes the chance to break new records.


  • Get educated on our aerodynamic testing system (outdoor or velodrome)
  • Bring aerodynamics to your athletes
  • Test with the Aerotune team lots of equipment
  • Create your own business model with high-end aerodynamic testing
  • Optimize the seating position of your athletes with the Aerotune team
  • Get together with other athletes of the aeroCOMMUNITY
  • We are on-site and support the group
Looking at and analyzing results.

Premium services to optimize you individually (aeroFITS)

Let us optimize you on the spot. Meet our team – we work with you on your settings, your comfort, your equipment, your aerodynamics and much more … always with the goal to make you even faster.

Bike Fit

  • Talk about your individual athletic goals, physical conditions etc.
  • Distinction between triathlon and road bike
  • Measurement and recording of basic biomechanical data
  • Various flexibility exercises
  • Positioning on the bike (turbo trainer)
  • Carrying out adjustments based on common angles
  • Continuous feedback talk with bike fitter

Duration: approx. 2-3 hours

From a biomechanical point of view, optimizing your seating position is very important so that you can perform at your best over a long period of time without injury. Our experience has taught us that it also provides a high level of aerodynamic optimization potential. You, your body and your bike should strive after the lowest possible wind resistance.

Taking into account your individual physical conditions and possibilities, as well as your athletic goals, we will find the optimal symbiosis between aerodynamics and biomechanics with you.

We adjust your seating position based on common angles, which have proved out of a biomechanical point of view for bikefittings. We differentiate between standards of a road bike and a triathlon bike.

Your data are safely stored and accessible for you in your aeroDATA account.

Equipment Fit

  • Test of self-brought equipment
  • Test of equipment provided by our partners
  • Support by our team on-site
  • 10-15 setups
  • aeroDATA Premium membership for 1 month
  • Real-time evaluation

Duration: approx. 4 hours

We will be available on site and support you while testing various equipment – be it equipment you bring yourself or equipment we provide – the best the cycling market and our partners have to offer.

We measure, analyze and optimize the material used and work with you to find your own best setup.

Through your own aeroDATA access, all results will even later be accessible for you. Besides the purely numerical differences (CdA) we also determine the time advantages; calculated on a predetermined competition course named by you.

Aero Fit

  • Individual support on-site
  • Real-time evaluation
  • Unlimited setups
  • Monthly aeroDATA Premium membership
  • Provision of test equipment
  • Test of self-brought equipment
  • Tips for head and body position
  • Assistance with minor modifications to the handlebars, the stem or the attachment of drinking bottles

Duration: approx. 4 hours

With the Aero Fit – we make you really fast

We’ll be on site and help you make the right adjustments; bringing your aerodynamics to an optimum. Be it minor changes to the basebars and extensions or the testing of various equipment (helmets, wheels, hydration systems, etc.). Every little change can have a big impact.

We also find an appointment with you at short notice.

Bike & Aero Fit

THE ultimate all-in-one aero package to bring you to the next level – the perfect, comprehensive combination of Bike, Equipment and Aero Fit services. It includes the above-mentioned services in one go.

  • Measuring and recording of basic biometric data, individual athletic goals, physical conditions etc.
  • Positioning on the bike (turbo trainer)
  • Carrying out adjustments
  • Test of self-brought and provided equipment
  • Real-time evaluation
  • Unlimited setups
  • Tips for head and body position
  • Assistance with technical modifications
  • aeroDATA Premium membership for 1 year

Duration: approx. 6-8 hours

First, we will meet indoors and optimize your seating position and the basic setting of your bike. When we are satisfied with that, we go outside and try out your new position in practice. We measure different head and body postures, test a variety of material. Our goal: your individual optimum with fast yet comfortable result.

With the bike and aero fit, we find the perfect combination of biomechanics – comfort – aerodynamics. Everything with the goal to make you an even faster, happy athlete.

Your entire data, biomechanically and test results, are recorded for you in your aeroDATA account. Therewith, you can use the results later on, try out other competition routes for the time forecast and much more.